Download Real Car Traffic Forklift Simulator 3D for Mac Free

Download Real Car Traffic Forklift Simulator 3D for MAC for free. The download of this app/game is valid for Macbook Air/Pro, iMac Pro, Mac Mini desktop PC and compatible operating systems OS X and MacOS High Sierra.

Download Real Car Traffic Forklift Simulator 3D for Mac Free

Experience the thrill and excitement in simulating a Real Car Forklift, lifting cars from the roadside. Heavy Cars and Traffic is all over the city streets and roads, Forklift is an essential machinery required to lift the cars, be a Real Car Traffic Forklift driver and simulator, forklift the wrecked and wrongly parked cars with the help of crane and heavy machinery. Forklift the transport cars and other heavy duty vehicles from the accident locations and move them to junkyard, wreckage area and repair shops.

As an expert Forklift and Cargo Crane Operator, put on your driving cap, get out on the city roads with shoals of cars on road to do some wrecked car lifting. In this situation, San Andreas is facing extreme city condition of accidents due to rush hour, car traffic and street racers and wrongly parked cars. With vehicle accident, the crash and burn creates a lot of smoke and pollution due to blocked traffic. The city traffic management company and agency has been called with heavy machinery with excavator, cargo crane operator and cargo forklift to forklift the cars and city bus transport buses and accident cars from the site and take the lifted vehicles and cars to the junkyard. The Repair shop will figure out the possible mechanical faults and repair them. The accident between heavy industrial machinery excavator crane and off road tourist bus is severe and some cars also got crashed, traffic jams have created a panic situation in the city of San Andreas. 911 ambulances, city police cars and other city traffic rescue teams are on the way. Traffic has been affected in the area due to blocky cars and roads. This Real Car Traffic Forklift simulator car traffic game lets you forklift the cars and drop the lifted vehicle to assigned places. You can move cars from the traffic and working areas with a forklift to the parking areas, move the vehicle to the repair shop and find the accident cars and deliver them to junkyard.

Forklift the smashed cars from the city roads that are just standing as a hurdle for the traffic and causing traffic jams on the busy city roads. Lift them up with the forks of the heavy duty forklift crane, simulate and drive to park them along roadsides. Your job is to clean up the mess created by the totaled cars. Be a Car forklift driver and perform the exciting job of picking up wrecked cars and dropping them off at the indicated spots. Driving, simulating while lifting the cars is tricky, as you have to manage the load so the car doesn’t tip off. Stop the fork lifter at the right position so that the forks can easily pick the load without damaging the expensive cars. Pick up the crashed cars and move them out of the way to where they should be.

The goal of this game is to make most use of your forks. The missions are set in different areas, you need to align your car forklift truck and crane in the right position with precision driving skills and drive this car forklift truck around the city and parking areas and explore the amount of different tasks. Real Car Traffic Forklift Simulator 3D is in fact one of the most fun forklift simulator games.

As professional cargo and car forklift and cargo crane and excavator operator, move cars and vehicles from one location to next with fast speed and without any damage. Realistic physics make this Real Car Traffic Forklift Sim 3D game a perfect forklift simulation game for anyone not afraid of a challenge. Hit your target before the time runs out in order to progress to the following levels and enjoy more forklift simulation fun.

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By Muhammad Alamgir

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